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Light Lager 5. Kansas City 1. Milwaukee 8. USA 9. Contact Us Phone: First up was PBR. We were immediately impressed by this beer's refreshing and crisp taste. It's smooth and simple with a just a little bite; the kind of beer you could easily drink a lot of. Keystone has long been the beer of choice for frat parties and kegs. That's because although it lacks any sort of flavor, it's light and easy to drink.

We weren't huge fans of the slightly bitter aftertaste though.

If there's one way to describe Coors Light, it's watered down. That said, it can still be refreshing if it's served super cold on a hot day.

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More than any other beer we sampled, Rolling Rock picked up a strong and unpleasant metallic aftertaste from the can. If you're going to go with this one, make sure to buy bottles. Since Yuengling is a different type of lager than the six other beers we sampled, it's both darker and has a more full-bodied flavor. It was no surprise then that this one was a favorite.

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It had a much more rich and complex taste. Miller Lite wins when it comes to branding — the retro look really works — but we weren't nearly as impressed by the beer's taste.

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Its neutral finish was too neutral; there was a total absence of substance or flavor. Bud Light was crisp, sweet, and had just the right amount of fizz to it.

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While we weren't blown away by this contender, it was certainly a solid choice. We were least impressed by Miller Lite and Rolling Rock. Coors Light rounded out the top three, with Bud Light and Keystone in the middle. If you're planning on having some friends over and know you're all going to be drinking several beers, go for PBR or Coors Light.