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If you hate dealing with parallax, you will suffer no longer with the Trophy Xteme. This is a scope designed from high-quality materials to ensure that the scope will hold its own while withstanding multiple instances of recoil. The amount of shock that recoil can produce is astounding. So, you'd want a scope that is strong enough to sustain it. Plus, the Bushnell won't fog up or give in to the weather conditions.

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In fact, the lenses on this puppy are rainproof. You'll still get a clear shot no matter if its rain, shine, or wind. Next on the docket, we have the Nikon X Nikon scopes are one of the most popular among gun owners and for good reason. This scope is the total package. It starts with the reticle. This has magnification levels beginning from 4x and will reach out to as far as 16x. It will still serve its purpose and ensures that your rifle is a dominant force out in the field or at the range.

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  • This scope lens is multi-coated and will help you get the clearest optics possible. Try doing that with your own two eyes without the aid of a good scope or a pair of binoculars.

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    Overall, this is a very strong scope that can get the job done. No weather conditions or shock from recoil will throw this scope off course. Best of all, you get the best quality images no matter what. The Vortex brand is no stranger to the longtime gun owner or enthusiast.

    In fact, it's one of the most popular brands out there. If there is one word that comes to mind when you hear the name Vortex, it's durability. That's because this scope is crafted from high-quality aircraft aluminum. This means that you will get the best in durability and strength. This scope will stick with you for a long time and will not buckle to any level of recoil. Plus, if anything happens, your scope is backed by a lifetime warranty. They are very confident in their scopes being the toughest in the business, which is to say that the warranty is fitting.

    The magnification levels range from 6x to 18x. The Vortex has turrets that will allow for easy reset once you get it sighted in and ready to go. To top it off, you can get rid of any parallax issues since this also comes with a parallax adjustment. The ease of use of this scope is one of the reasons why choosing this scope will probably be a good thing for you.


    Another is obviously its ability to super strong. Like any good scope, the Vortex will handle the weather elements with ease and still give you a clear shot in low light conditions. To being, the magnification level of this scope at the low end is at 8x and will go up to as far as 40x. This comes with a wide objective that is measured at 50 millimeters. The reticle is illuminated, so you are guaranteed to get a good look at your target in the lowest light conditions possible. Crafted from the best in high-quality material, expect this scope to be top notch and will hold zero after sustaining a lot of recoil from multiple rounds.

    With that in mind, the Burris brand is a higher end brand. So, if you're on a budget, you can still find high-quality Creedmoor scopes that fit most budgets. But, if money isn't an issue for you, the Burris might be an excellent choice. Next on the list, we have the Athlon Optics Argos.

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    As mentioned before, you can still find a high-quality scope for your Creedmoor even on a budget. To state its case as to why it's the best for gun owners on a budget, we begin with the construction of the scope. It is constructed from high-quality aircraft aluminum.

    Plus, if you're out in bad weather or end up accidentally submerging it in water, your scope will still work just as good. Strictly speaking, this scope is near indestructible. Not bad for something at its price. The magnification on the Athlon starts at 8x and reaches to around 34x.

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    Parallax adjustments start from 15 yards and go to infinity. Perfect for the shooter who hates having their shots being thrown off course due to parallax. The objective is measured at 56mm for a wide field of view that can be unmatched with any other Creedmoor scope on the market. Before you do, why not throw in one more feature? The reticle is illuminated, so you will be able to see your target in low light conditions or at night.

    This scope has an objective of 44mm and magnification levels from 4x to 14x.

    SWFA SS 5-20x50mm HD Rifle Scope Review - Super Sniper

    This is the ideal scope for the Creedmoor hunter. If you're hunting big game like deer or elk or maybe even coyote, the Primary Arms is a good option for a hunting-style scope. A scope with aluminum construction and a black matte finish, you get a super strong and aesthetically pleasing kind of scope.

    If you're buying a scope to improve the overall look, you're more than welcome to do that. Just be sure to find one that also has the ability to serve you well in the field or at the target range. Sometimes, gun owners can buy a scope for a rifle because it looks good. But out in the field, the performance is not something to write home about. That is one of the few reasons why you need to consider some of the other factors and features like parallax adjustment, objective size, and so on while looking for a scope.

    One of the downsides of this is that the reticle is not illuminated. So, its performance in low light conditions is suspect. We return to the Vortex Optics brand for our next scope under review. One of the major features that stands out right away is the objective.

    It measures out at about 50mm. Couple this with a crisp, clear image on your scope and you have some pretty good optics. This could even give Nikon a run for its money in the optics department.

    Best of all, you have your turrets for the necessary adjustments. You can adjust for windage, elevation, and parallax with ease. This scope performs outstanding. The glass is clear edge to edge without distortion at every magnification. The clicks for adjustments were clean and positive. The reticle stays clean and clear after initial ocular adjustment through all magnifications. The parallax adjustment is spot on. The tracking is excellent and very repeatable.

    If you are looking for a long range shooting scope on a budget, this brand should be at the top of your list. Thanks again SWFA! You will never be able to buy this quality of a scope for the money you will pay for this one. I almost never give a five star review, as I believe improvements can always be made, along with maintaining the price point.

    With that being said, this is an awesome scope at this price point. I purchased under the normal retail price making it an even better deal. Reticle is clean and precise; tracking is pretty spot on for a scope in this range. I shoot with many people that use Nightforce and Vortex, and for the money they spend, I just do not see the need. In a nutshell, fixed power scopes have the following going for them:. At the moment, fixed power scopes have only a few footholds remaining in the shooting market, but these footholds may have quite a bit of longevity to them. High end variable power scopes with ranging reticles and exposed knobs are expensive.

    Review: Is SWFA SS 10×42 A Top Fixed Power Scope?

    Here is where fixed power scopes come in. A few years back, the optics of this scope have gone through a redesign and are very good for the money. One is the S. This is a heavier duty and higher spec version of the original S. I included a few in the table below that I thought would be most relevant.

    There are quite a few that I left out for various reasons:. Here are the specs the three scopes in bold font are the ones I am comparing, the rest are for background information :. SWFA S.