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Having said that you will still need to invest time into niche and keyword research as well as buying the many domains most of which will be duds needed to test rankings until you find the winners.

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Terry suggests using cheap. If you are dedicated and think you can focus on applying what Terry teaches then you should have no problems generating websites that will bring traffic and income more on that later. This is meant to replace the individual services and combine them into just 1 paid membership with no significant price increase. A series of step by step posts and Videos. Containing 18 modules, this is the main training that goes through the monster truck SEO strategy.

Here you get to see the exact websites keywords and traffic gotten by Terry using the system. This is a plugin for automated posting to your wordpress blog. Once you get a list of keywords from the monster truck SEO keyword generator, you can insert them into the plugin which you install on your WordPress blog and it will start creating individual pages loaded with videos targeting each and every one of the keywords you fed into it.

The pages it generates maximum of posts per day are basically skeletons with your keyword and related videos.

Based on the results Terry has gotten with this method, this pages actually rank for these longtail keywords obviously due to them have little to no competition. Once I get this data I can then go ahead and create perfectly optimised quality pages on a quality domain to rank for this keywords. You will get access to a closed Facebook group where you can get direct support from Terry and his team as well as share the latest strategies and knowledge on SEO with other members. This is an online based software that scrapes the Internet for expired domain suite back links from highly reputable websites.

This is a very powerful strategy as I have tested. Once the domains are registered for the price of registration in some cases on the 10 box, you host them and bring them back alive. Once Google indexes them it gives them credit for all the links they had have accommodated on the Internet.

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These domains can then be used as money sites in the case of this monster truck SEO strategy or has blogs in your private blog network. This used to be a membership site where Terry boasted his latest techniques and strategies on ranking websites and getting traffic.

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It was very underground and most of the teachings were highly controversial simply because the busted up many myths about SEO by providing results with unconventional techniques. This is a course about email marketing. Collecting emails from the traffic on your monster truck seo pages is a long term beneficial strategy, especially if you currently dont have a correct monetization strategy in the begining.

You can later on send relevant offers to that list and nurse it till it becomes a valuable asset. Here below is a screenshot of the modules contained in it. These domains can be used for testing the strategy and seeing what sticks. As always, nothing is perfect. The most important thing I believe is not covered in the very detailed way in this course and which gives it the feeling that it stops abruptly in a cliff hanger is the lack of concrete training on monetising the traffic that you get. I fully understand that this is an ongoing course and surely this information is going to be provided.


I also know that in the SEO traffic hacks membership which you get access to as well, there is some training on monetisation. I already alluded to the fact that I personally will use this strategy to find keywords that I can see generate traffic and use them to produce better quality websites on which I can display Google AdSense or any other third party ads.

I could also use Amazon or other affiliate links as well as CPA cost per action offers to convert the traffic into income. The big hurdle in Internet marketing is getting traffic to your website. When you finally do, you could suddenly find yourself without a working monetisation strategy. I hope this is cleared up in the course with the updates that Terry will be adding. I am also sure that members of the facebook group will be posting their various strategies and tests for others to learn from.

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As simple as these five above listed steps are, you really do need to take action if you want to see any results from this course. If this is a strategy that you think you can follow through then my advice is yes buy the course. It all boils down to how much dedication you have to making money online. Terry has exposed his strategy in this product, he has provided you the tools and has even showed the results he got using the strategy. I will personally buy a domain for this strategy and will create a case study on this blog which will document my progress as well as any results I get following the method.

My recommendation in this review is not hard to make at all simply because this is a results-based course.

How To Boost HTML Sites That Were Rebuilt Through Blue Chip Backlinks?

No fluff and no bullshit. Thank you for making it this far down the review. Quality backlinks: Almost all blog directories offer backlinks to the blogs listed in their categories, along with relevant information about those blogs. So submitting your blog for inclusion in every overstuffed directory on the web is not a good promotional strategy. Simply sign up for an account and add your blog in the personal profile section. You can submit your blog to the Blog Catalog directory by creating an account for free.

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Blogarama features linking root domains, around 1. You can submit your blog to the Blogarama directory by signing up. You can submit your blog to BlogTopSites by signing up. TopMommyBlogs is a niche directory boasting more than listed blogs. You can submit your blog to the TopMommyBlogs directory by signing up and following the specified guidelines. BlogHer is an online community and blog directory, boasting more than 45, listed blogs. You can suggest your blog by filling in the online form.

If you stumbled across this particular directory while browsing the web, would you stick around? Does the directory seem up to date? Does it have a category relevant to your blog? Does it specialise in promoting your blogging niche? If you test a few links of other blogs listed, are there are high number of broken links?

You can check the Page Rank of the site, see how it stacks up by Alexa. All figures outlined were correct at the time of publishing.